Personal Development

Motivational books on personal development and self growth.

Living a fulfilling life

The books we publish on pesonal development and self growth aim to help readers move beyond the typical focus on professional and financial success. These books provide pathways to living a more complete, authentic, and fulfilling life.

Our goal is to help readers actualize their full human potential as a means to fulfilling their spiritual needs and enabling their souls to maximize their human experience. Across the world, there is a growing need for people to make the transition from today’s “work to live” focus to a life that entails achieving authentic satisfaction and happiness from living a life that grows yourself and others around you.

We are currently working on a series of Project You motivational quote books that will be published in the last quarter of 2017.

Marketing and Distribution

We are pleased to be the North America distributor and marketing agent for Inner Alignment, a beautifully produced book by Singaporean author Dinesh Senan. Clicking on the image below will enable you to review or purchase these books at Amazon.

by Dinesh Senan

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