Free Study Guide

This free Study Guide is designed to be used in companion with the book Living Uncommonly by Mark Harner.

The Study Guide is ideally to be used in a Small (Life) Group setting where ideas can be exchanged among group members in response to the questions in the Guide. Alternatively, the Guide can be used individually to help the reader think through the biblical concepts in the book.

Each chapter has a one-page Study Guide organized as follows: Living Uncommonly | Mark Harner book

  • Reviewing the Chapter
  • Challenges of the Chapter
  • Application of the Chapter
  • Memory Verse(s)

Reviewing the Chapter – Designed to help the reader think through and re-enforce the concepts discussed in each chapter.

Challenges of the Chapter – Asks specific questions to help the reader personally address challenges that may arise from concepts discussed in the book.

Application of the Chapter – Designed to help the reader put the book’s concepts immediately into action.

Memory Verse(s) – These are always the keynote verse(s) of each chapter. The author encourages the reader to develop Scripture memory as a Christian discipline so that the reader can have ready recall to address the challenges of life in a biblical manner.

The over-riding purpose of this Study Guide is to help the reader better understand the Scriptural principles discussed in the book, increase the reader’s intimacy with Christ, and impact others in the reader’s sphere of influence for the sake of Christ.

Download the free Study Guide to Mark Harner’s book Living Uncommonly: Study Guide Combined v2

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